Letter to the Editor: Kathy Griffin

Dear Editor:

After reading the opinion of Bianca Martinez in the Norwalk Patriot on June 9, 2017, I find it very unnerving  that we have young people in this country that think Kathy Griffin’s portrayal of President Trump is neither immoral nor repulsive.

It is obvious this young lady, Bianca Martinez, has a large bias and dislike for our president or anyone associated with him.

Her venomous bigotry and hateful prejudices leap from her opinion piece. Yes, we in this country have freedoms that are unavailable to others throughout the world. Yes, not only our forefathers but our armed forces today are continuing to fight for these freedoms, but with those freedoms come a responsibility.

A responsibility to exercise them in an accountable and reasonable manner. There are those that make the claim it’s my First Amendment right and reasonable to call someone a “ni**er” or a wetback or say someone wears a flour sack on his or her head. What about burning a cross on someone’s lawn? THEY ARE WRONG!

With all of our freedoms, there must be common sense and accountability and Kathy Griffin used no common sense and is being held accountable.

Joyce Medrano