Letter to the editor: Why aren’t we collecting this rainwater?

So with all this rain that we have had lately, “they” are still saying that southern California is still in a drought. Gee, how can that be?


During the storm, all the cement lined flood control channels and creeks are full of rainwater rushing headlong to the ocean. And why is that? Why are “they” letting this happen?


I myself collect as much rainwater as possible with all my rainwater buckets outside. Why can’t “they” do the same?


Is it not possible to put up some kind of dam/gate to hold back some of this rainwater on all of these waterways? Then that water could be used to irrigate parks, lawns, freeway landscaping, etc. These areas don’t need fresh clean water or so called portable water.


“They,” our local and state people, are not thinking outside of the box because “they” are in a box.


The good Lord is giving us this rain and “they” just let it go into the ocean. And that is why we are in a drought. Hello! Collect it and hold onto it!


Larry Arellano