Tired of Norwalk shootings -- and excuses

To the Editor:



In response to the Jan. 13 article “Norwalk sheriff’s investigating string of possible gang-related shootings,” is it a shooting victim’s fault he or she is shot because they take a walk in their hometown?


Quoting the sheriff’s department, the victim “may have strayed too close to gang territory” and the victim “unfortunately may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.”


Instead of censoring victims, the police must do more to stop the shootings. I suggest a sting operation, similar to putting an undercover cop on the street disguised as a prostitute or a drug dealer. An undercover cop taking a walk in the so-called gang territory of Norwalk could draw out the would be murderer(s). The cop would have a gun and be wearing concealed body armor.


Also , a neighborhood appropriate van, with cops hidden inside could be parked right there.


Something must be done. When the sheriff’s department warns citizens it is mortally unsafe to take a walk in Norwalk, clearly we are living in hell. If the cops can’t stop the shootings, then it is time to arm the citizens, legal carry of a firearm so we can protect ourselves.

Editor’s note: The previous was submitted by a concerned Norwalk resident who for legitimate reasons chose to remain anonymous.