City Council amends regulations concerning illegal fireworks

Photo from an illegal fireworks stash found in Downey last year.

Photo from an illegal fireworks stash found in Downey last year.

Norwalk-- City Council unanimously passed an ordinance this week amending the regulations concerning the possession, sale and discharge of illegal fireworks.

The issue of illegal firework violations has proved to be a bit of a conundrum to enforce by local public safety and law enforcement officials, who up until now have had to physically observe the violation while it is in progress. This means that deputies were only able to issue citations when they observed an individual lighting, holding, or in possession of illegal fireworks. 

Often times, individuals would discharge fireworks in the street before leaving the area. Those who would discharge “dangerous” fireworks within large crowds or parties, from back yards, or in between use of “safe and sane” fireworks were also able to slip through the cracks.

However, under the new amendment, property owners/tenants/responsible parties would be held accountable for the discharge of dangerous/illegal fireworks on their respective properties and therefore subject to administrative citations and fines. 

According to the amendment, “responsible parties” include the person who owns, rents, leases or otherwise has possession of the premises, the person in immediate control of the premises, and the person who organizes, supervises, sponsors, conducts, allows, controls, or controls access to the illegal discharge or illegal storage of fireworks. 

City Council also requested to increase fines for fireworks violations.