Cerritos College to host economic development summit

cerritos college.jpg

NORWALK -- Cerritos College will host its first Economic Development Summit on Friday, Sept. 22.  

The conference will bring businesses and community members together to discuss challenges and opportunities that face Gateway-area businesses and organizations in order to improve the economic development and social services infrastructure across the region. 

The one-day conference will include presentations on economic trends and the area's labor force data.  The outcome of the conference will be outlined in an official white paper produced by the College that describes the state of the economy and recommendations for potential growth.

"We are proud to be an institution known for our academic excellence, but we also believe that our commitment to the community must go beyond the region's educational attainment," said Cerritos College President and Superintendent Dr. Jose Fierro. "Cerritos College must be closely involved in aligning education with business interests throughout the communities we serve, especially as it relates to raising the income level of our residents. Ultimately, our goal is to help residents across the region apply their education as a means to break in the cycle of poverty and financial inequality to improve their lives. Education is the most viable way for many of our residents to enter the middle-class.”

The summit will take place in the college’s teleconference center (LC 155). For more information, call (562) 860-2451, ext. 2204.