Circulating flyer attacks hauling company hoping to win Norwalk’s waste contract

By Alex Dominguez

NORWALK – A circulating flyer in email has caught the attention of Norwalk residents, calling the integrity of one of the city’s potential future waste handler’s into question.

The email spreading leans heavily against NASA Services, which is currently contending for a waste hauling contract with the city.

The email attempts to tie the company with several lawsuits and dirty politics in the city of Pico Rivera, however it is uncertain who is behind the spread of the information.  

NASA Services has yet to return a call for comment.

According to this email, NASA submitted its bid to the city of Norwalk in 2016.

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However, NASA was one of several business bumped from contention by HF&F Consultants – who was hired by Norwalk to review the 11 proposals received by the city by several companies –  after determining that NASA Services would only bring a 1% savings at too high of a risk for the city.

However, the email continues that the conclusion of a special meeting held on May 6 saw NASA back in the running, selected as one of five finalists for the contract.

Several calls were made to City Manager Mike Egan to confirm this information, however, they were not responded to in time for the publishing of this article.

Mayor Luigi Vernola described it as “political bullshit.” 

“They want to intimidate me?,” said Vernola.

When asked who “They” was, Vernola simply said, “Well, individuals who want to intimidate me to vote a certain way [regarding the disposal  contract] I guess.”

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