Mosquitoes associated with Zika discovered in Norwalk

Photo |  TOM

Photo | TOM

By Alex Dominguez

NORWALK - Mosquitoes commonly associated with the harmful Zika virus have been found within the region.  

According to the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control website, the Aedes Aegypti variant of mosquito has been found in nearly 40 different cities within the region, including Norwalk and Downey and several surrounding communities.

As many as 25 to 30 mosquito larvae were recently recovered within a Downey neighborhood during a recent inspection.

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An official from vector control was not only able to confirm that the mosquitoes had been found, but clarified that Vector control had found the same type mosquitoes within the area in the past.

According to vector control the mosquito population is now embedded within the area, and though there has been no outbreak of Zika or other harmful diseases as of yet, the potential is present and unpredictable.

Currently, there is no vaccine available for Zika. Instead, it is recommended that bites be prevented by wearing long clothing, wearing repellant, and emptying and cleaning items or surfaces that may contain standing water.

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