Downey considering request to equip police officers with tactical armor

By Eric Pierce

DOWNEY – Citing recent acts of domestic terrorism, the Downey Police Department is asking that the city equip officers with tactical armor, including ballistic helmets, shields and plate carriers.

The Downey Police Officers Assoc. voted to request the equipment last December, citing recent attacks in San Bernardino and Orlando.

"These attacks are carefully planned out and the suspects are using high powered rifles to indiscriminately shoot innocent civilians," Downey Police Chief Carl Charles wrote in a report to the City Council. "These suspects are not afraid to engage responding law enforcement officers and have done so on several occasions."  

Charles is requesting 125 ballistic helmets with face shields and 125 tactical plate carriers with front and back ballistic plates. The equipment would cost $170,000.

"This equipment will outfit all sworn personnel and reduce the risk officers face when responding to active shooter scenarios or any incident of domestic terrorism," Charles said.

City Council members will decide on the request Tuesday.