Norwalk projects to save millions through Edison buyback program

By Raul Samaniego

NORWALK – At a special meeting of the Norwalk City Council Tuesday, the five members voted unanimously to replace the current street lighting throughout the city.

The plan calls for the buyback and – when necessary – replacement of the current light poles and installation of a new LED technology light source, which would provide better lighting at a lower cost.

However, according to SCE’s Public Affairs representative Haig Kartounian, this does not apply to any current “distribution pole,” which supports electrical lines as well as other entities (like cable, telephone, etc).

With Southern California Edison currently owning most of the light and power distribution poles in the city, the original intent of the switch from white lights to the current low yellow glow ones through out the city, seems to be a mystery to most.

Because of this, Norwalk Public Service Manager Christine Roberto said, “I don’t know [Edison’s] decision making process,” when it came to answering the question of why the switch was made decades ago.

The change to LED lighting will be a plus for those dimly lit areas by enhancing the current level of light or for those areas lacking any lighting at all.

Nevertheless, the new LED technologies switch and pole buyback program is slated to save the city of Norwalk several million dollars over the long term estimated at 15-20 years.