Rose Hills sign to go dark in memory of Las Vegas victims

Rose Hills Sign LR.jpg

WHITTIER -- The neon-lit Rose Hills sign that overlooks Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier will go dark tonight in honor of the shooting victims in Las Vegas. 

Starting at 10:08 p.m. (signifying the time the shooting began), the sign will go dark for 59 minutes. 

The gesture will be repeated Wednesday and Thursday. 

"As an organization who deals with the pain of death on a daily basis, our collective hearts ache for the victims who tragically lost their lives or were wounded, as well as their families, to the senseless act that occurred in Las Vegas on Sunday night," said Patrick Monroe, CEO of Rose Hills. 

The neon Rose Hills sign was first installed in the 1940s. At night, the nearly 20-foot-tall illuminated letters have often been used by pilots as a visual reference on their way to Los Angeles International Airport. 

"In a small way we want to pay tribute to those 59 individuals and let them know that the Rose Hills family is keeping them in our thoughts and prayers," added Monroe.