Meet Caren Spilsbury, the new executive director of the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce

NORWALK –  Caren Spilsbury has officially taken over as director of the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce.


Spilsbury is no stranger to the Chamber; she has already spent seven years as the part time membership director. Before that she had experience with the California Junior Chamber, including time as the president.


With the retirement of longtime director Vivian Hanson, Spilsbury now has the opportunity to lead the charge within the Chamber walls.


Though her predecessor leaves quite the legacy to live up to, Spilsbury does not find herself intimidated in her new role.


“The reason it’s not intimidating is because I have been here for seven years, and I worked alongside her,” said Spilsbury. “So not only do I bring the skill set from the Junior Chamber…having the opportunity to be here for seven years, I was able to learn first-hand how the chamber works and this chamber works…plus I have the support of a great board of directors.”


For now, it is business as usual for the Chamber. However, Spilsbury will soon be reaching out to other local chambers and taking note of their business models. The Chamber will also now look to set a five-year plan, instead of setting goals from a year-to-year basis.


A full member survey will also be taking place soon.

“Starting Feb. 9 we’re going to be picking up the telephone, calling every one of our members, and just talking to them about the Chamber - asking them some key questions to find out what direction they’d like us to be moving in to support them and that kind of thing,” said Spilsbury.